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Our services

Engineering surveys


Topographical Survey
Environmental Engineering Survey
Engineering Hydrometerological Survey
Engineering Geological Survey
Engineering Geotechnical Survey
Georadar Researches
Evaluation of seismic stability of buildings and structures

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Разработка рабочей документации
Urban Design
Landscape Design
Roads and Structures Design

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Aerial Survey

The Group of companies "EcoGeoTec" provides design engineering that is the process of technical support for creating a new object. It includes technical consulting, technological schemes development, optimization of certain decisions (selection of the best ones), and the functions monitoring.

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Results of aerial survey are important for mapping, borders determination and area mapping, imagery intelligence, archeology, ecology, study of environmental phenomena and promotional materials production.

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Georadar research methods

Bathymetric survey performed on the bodies of water (rivers, lakes, ponds) in order to obtain data on the topography.

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Ground penetrating radar (georadar inspection) is a geophysics method based on radiation and receipt of electromagnetic waves.

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3D Modeling

Laser scanning

At the present time creation and use of 3-dimensional models of objects (3D-models) has become an important part of activities related to state security, maintenance, use and promotion of historical and cultural heritage.

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Aerial Laser Scanning
Mobile Laser Scanning
Terrestrial Laser Scanning

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Radar Survey

Thermal-Imaging Survey

Radar survey is a method of receiving information on the objects location and characteristics, and characteristics of surface with the help of radio waves generated and received by antennas installed on aircrafts.

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Thermal imaging survey, performed with the help of thermal imagers, allows identifying areas of increased heat loss in buildings, overheating of production and communication equipment.

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Geoinformation Systems

GIS technology required to create computer-aided real estate cadastre, creating electronic maps of various scales of the city, the design and analysis of cadastral districts and land boundaries, the creation of a targeted system.

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